The dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS (“two inverted semi-quavers”) are a
collective of noise therapists based in Lisbon (Portugal). They began in 2007
when musicians from different projects started playing together in therapeutic
sessions to get rid of the tensions and frustrations of daily life.
The collective is formed by: Boris (four strings & double personality),
Desmarques (guitars & anaesthetizing feedbacks), Trigueiros (drums &
arrythmia) and X (keyboards, saxophone & side effects), who are sometimes joined by Flapi
(blows & hyperventilations) and soRRisoeMeio (juggling & contortions) or any
other musician who is in the mood for making noise.
The sound they make is instrumental and unlikely. Based on improvisation, it
doesn’t fit in any predetermined style, roaming somewhere between rock and
post-rock, punk and post-punk, jazz and free jazz, noise and easy listening and
everything else that will come in the way.
It’s live that their noise better reveals its therapeutic properties, in wild and
intense performances where unpredictability is the only thing guaranteed.

In 2008 they self-released their first EP, simply titled “I” and they did a short tour in Germany.
On the way back they went to Barcelona where they recorded their second EP,
called “II”, which was released in 2009 in a limited handmade edition and was
re-released this year by the portuguese netlabel Enough Records.
In 2009 they also did the “Abrakadabra Tour”, an european tour which went
through Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Slovak
Rep., Hungary, Slovenia and, of course, Portugal.
In 2010 they released the tape “SADITREVNiSAIEHCLOcIMEsSAUd” by the
portuguese label A Giant Fern and they went on the “Kaiak Tour”, which took
them back to Spain, France and Switzerland and, for the first time, to Italy.

Now they have just released the tape in digital edition by the netlabel Enough
and they are going back to Italy to play in the mythical festival Musica
nelle Valli
, taking the chance to play some other concerts on the way. This time
they will be accompanied by the special guest Gee Bees, who at the moment is
replacing Trigueiros on the drums and who will be available to do tattoos during
the trip.


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