Dear friends,

We are very sorry to announce that the dSCi’s Kebab Tour had to be interrupted…

We made 40 days out of 80, but then our van felt really tired and had to take a final rest…

It happened in Osnabrück, Germany on the 28th April, when we were halfway between Amsterdam and Hamburg…
We were still able to make more 5 concerts in a substitution car payed by the insurance (Hamburg, Lüneburg, Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig), but when we went back to pick up the van the mechanic said the engine was dead and it couldn’t be fixed…

We thought about many options, but by the end we had to return to Portugal and cancel the rest of the tour…

Now we still want to make the last dates in the south of France and Spain (from 6th June till 17th June) and we’ll postpone all the other concerts that we had to cancel for September/October…

We wish to thank to all the people that organized, helped and participated in the first half of the tour and made it an unforgettable experience for us!

And we hope that we’ll come soon to all the other places that we had to miss this time!

Greetings from Lisbon!


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